ENTRY PROCEDURE (check-in or delivery of keys) AND DEPARTURE (check-out or return of keys) 

CHECK-IN / delivery of keys:

- The original and valid documentation of all occupants from the age of 16 will be requested to prepare the entry record, in accordance with the Organic Law of Protection and Citizen Security ARTICLE 25, 4/2015, of March 30. This procedure will begin a few days before entering the house, through an approved app, with a direct connection to Hospederías de la Guardia Civil.

- The use of electronic devices will be reported (if necessary and so requested by the guest), doubts will be resolved, it will be checked if the guest wishes the proper functioning and condition of each of the elements of the House.

- In the event of an amount pending payment of the reservation, it will be paid in full in cash or card. - Damage deposit or bond will be delivered (100% refundable, see DAMAGE BOND section), will be signed and acknowledgment of receipt of said bond will be delivered.

- The keys to the property will be handed over. - The house is delivered with all its appliances in good condition and functioning. In the case of any notable damage, existing prior to entry, this will be communicated to the Guest by the Management, and will be recorded in the acknowledgment of receipt of the deposit. During the entire stay, the Guest can contact the Management to attend to any question or need that may arise during the stay.

CHECK-OUT / return of keys:

- The house and the furniture will be reviewed together with the guest.

- The keys to the property are returned.


ENTRIES AND DEPARTURES: Entrances to the entire house are from 4 pm and exits before 12 pm, unless previously agreed by the Management.

Pets are NOT accepted unless expressly authorized by the Management and subject to a cost.

Smoking is NOT allowed inside the Rural House, only outdoors.

The use of devices that produce noise or loud music and make it difficult for the neighbors to rest is prohibited.

No type of party is allowed on the property, unless expressly authorized by the Management.

The maximum capacity / capacity of the Rural House is 21 adults and 3 babies, occupying the existing beds, according to tourist license. However, the following points should be taken into account;

• We have different rates depending on the number of people who will occupy the House. The term full house is not synonymous with accommodation for an indefinite number of people.

• The rental of the Complete House does not give the right to invite or spend the night more people than those declared at the time of booking.

• We have civil liability insurance. In the case of any mishap that could happen during the stay, the insurance will only cover the people authorized to stay in the House, who appear in the reservation confirmation and who have signed the entry part providing their ID. Any other person in the House without said registration will not be considered a Guest, nor will they be authorized to stay or spend the night in the House.